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A view of health education campThe local populace is being made aware on the issues like immunisation, family welfare, population control and cleanliness. Efforts are underway to reach the benefits of such services to the eligible people. Recently people have been motivated to administer polio drops to their children up to 5 years age under Pulse Polio Programme and explained the importance of the polio drops.

Another strategy in the health sector is celebration of important days like World AIDS Day, Health Day, Environment Day and Population Day. Workshops, seminars, meetings and debates are organised as a part of celebration of these days. The participants include children studying in the organisation's school and local people.

A few common medicines are also distributed among the local people as and when they are available with the organisation.

Female Foeticide and Birth Registration

A problem of grave dimensions emanating from abuse of a diagnostic facility (ultrasound) is medical termination of female foetus, commonly known as female foeticide. The programme is being conducted all over Aligarh district and intensively in Tappal development block, which has the lowest sex ratio in the district.

Meetings, rallies and workshops are being organised as a part of the activity.
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