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  Library and Reading Room  

It would not be out of place to mention that SVS was founded on August 5, 1984 to run a public library and reading room. Ever since then, the organisation is running a public library and reading room with the name of Shiksha Vikas Library.

The library has 2,508 books - 2,223 in Hindi, 216 in English, 21 in Urdu, 44 in Sanskrit and four in other languages. On average 20 to 30 people visit the library and reading room every day. Nearly 2,000 books are issued to the members in a year.

For the reading room four Hindi dailies, five Hindi weeklies, three Hindi fortnightlies, six Hindi monthlies, three Hindi quarterlies and three Hindi biannual newspapers and magazines are subscribed. For quite some time one English daily, three monthlies and three quarterlies were also subscribed, but they were discontinued because of poor readership.

The library and reading room get magazines published by different ministries and departments of the Central and State Governments. Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity, New Delhi, and Information Department, Lucknow, provide magazines and other concurrent reading material to the library. Reading materials on environment, education, health, panchayati raj, etc., are provided by government and non-government sources. Some foreign organisations also provide magazines and newsletters in English and Hindi. These include publications like German News, Family Health International, Span (English and Hindi) and AidsCap.

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