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Children studying in Shiksha Vikas Primary SchoolSVS is running a primary school by the name of Shiksha Vikas Primary School since July 1996 following a resolution of the General Body. This school was given temporary recognition in May 1997 by the Education Department of the Uttar Pradesh Government. As the school fulfilled the standards determined by the Government, it was granted permanent recognition in April 1998.

At present nearly 200 boys and girls from the neighbouring six villages are studying in the school. The college has five full time and three part time teachers and one non-teaching staff. The school has maintained better educational standards as compared to other neighbouring schools.

In this era of globalisation, the students in the school are taught English, despite the fact that English is not taught at primary level in the schools recognised by the UP Government. The idea behind this is that the students should not face any difficulty in getting technical and higher education. Computer education is the part of curriculum in the school and a qualified teacher is there to impart computer education. A separate computer room exists in the school.

Apart from curriculum, host of extra-curricular activities are organised in the school from time to time. Days of national importance like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day, Children's Day, Teachers' Day, etc., are organised. Students of the school present songs, plays, debates, etc., at these events. Local people also participate in these events.

Education awareness workshops are organised from time to time so the people may understand importance of education.

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