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  Rural Development  

Village women during a trainingAgriculture and animal husbandry are the mainstay of rural development in the area SVS works in. For their betterment, the library and reading room have good collection of books, newsletters and magazines on agriculture, animal husbandry and rural development. They are used by the farmers and cattle owners for getting themselves acquainted with latest scientific information. Many of them have increased their yields.

Another mean of reaching the information in agriculture and animal husbandry to the farmers is reaching the farmers and cattle owners directly with the latest information. As far as possible, problems of farmers are solved at the spot. Particularly for the benefit of cattle owners, meetings with local vets are organised for facilitating the treatment of cattle.

Short duration training are organised from time to time for developing skills of rural women in the areas of their interest.

As the rural populace is generally duped by unscrupulous traders, consumer awareness camps are organised to inform the consumers about their rights. Now the rural populace does not hesitate in asking for receipt of the articles they purchase and lodging complaint in case of dissatisfaction.

For improving the local environment, saplings of neem, babool, etc., are planted by the volunteers of the organisation during the rains.

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